Filtering out the noise

These days we're inundated with relentless information, whether it's the news, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, emails, texts (I could go on). There's a desire to ensure we're kept up to date with what's going on but the overload of information is starting to take it's toll. People read something online they disagree with, and have a desperate need to get their own point of view put across no matter what the cost.

In addition, we're plagued with images of perfect lives, happiness and success, whilst we sit at home or at work wondering what went wrong.

Plain and simple this isn't healthy irrespective if you have mental health issues or not. We should be encouraged to post information that's not only 'real' but beneficial. But of course most people don't want to see that sort of stuff as it provides no escapism or insight to a celebrity's secret work.

From my own perspective I really struggled with the negativity and bashing that seems to be the norm by so many. It wasn't that long ago that Caroline Flack took her own life which kick started a campaign to #bekind to others online. Like so many of these things, it was a fad that soon faded and the hate quickly returned.

I took the personal decision to 'quieten down' what I saw online and made the conscious effort to avoid the news, and various social media feeds by either deleting apps, leaving fb groups or unfollowing certain people on Twitter and Instagram that I felt were toxic to my personal wellbeing. It's actually harder that it seems due to that 'need' to be kept informed, but after a week or so I didn't miss them.

Note, this is something that worked for me and may not work for everyone, but I do recommended it if you find yourself reading negative crap all day. It's amazing how we get so wrapped up in other peoples issues without focusing on ourselves!

As time goes on, you start to perfect the concept and slowly remove other things from your daily routine that gets your down. It could be someone at work or your job itself, or perhaps something at home. End of the day you have the power to make these changes and point your life in a more positive direction, but YOU have to put the effort in.

Please add your thoughts below and comment with suggestions on how to your remove noise:)


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