Managing Mental Health during Lockdown (useful tips part2)

Before reading this post, I recommend reading Part 1 which adds context and additional tips to managing your mental health. Also note, these are things that worked for me, so don't worry if something doesn't make sense or feels odd. Do what works for YOU!

With the additional pressures and uncertainties of lockdown, its understandable that many of us may start to feel lost or not good enough when dealing with new demands that have been thrust upon us. Whether its home schooling, caring for someone or managing additional work loads, you may feel like you're loosing your identity and faith in your own abilities to cope.

For trauma suffers this can be a daily event and can be a terrifying experience, but there is hope in bringing your "self" back in to the present with some simple tasks.

For at least a week, you're going do these tasks every morning before you start your day.

Write down things you like

The idea of this is to remind your brain that not only are you important, but there are things that give you happiness, a sense of purpose and self worth by bringing your mind back in to the present.

Write down things you're good at

Same as above, have a think of things you know you're good at and give your confidence a push in the right direction. They can be different things each day, just write down what comes to mind and enjoy the process. There's no pressure on how many things you write, just do what comes naturally and give yourself that time to take it all in.

Finding your Optimal State

Ever find yourself waking up and immediately worrying or feeling stressed about something?

Would you like to wake up and feel a little happier and in control instead?

Its possible to retrain your thought patterns away from automatically imagining the worst case scenarios and instead starting with a clean slate of hope and control with the following task.

Again for at least 7 days, write down 7 things you'd like to feel in order to reach your optimal state. Then next to those, write down your strategies in reaching those goals. They can be different each day, so as with the previous tasks, write down what comes to mind and go with it.

Overtime it's absolutely possible that you can become the master of your mind again and take back control of those negative thoughts that add no value or purpose to your life.

If you miss a day, don't worry, it's not a race. Be kind to yourself and do what works for you, but remember how important you are and that you deserve to feel happy.

Leave your comments below and let others know how you get on.


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