My New Venture

Things are changing dramatically, and over the past few months my life has taken an unexpected but positive change in direction.

When Maryke and I were getting towards the end of my treatment, those years of living in survival mode had disappeared and left weird void that needed filling. It was like waking from a horrendous nightmare of constant suffering where all you knew was sadness and misery. But now your eyes are open in the present day and you're given a fresh start to make a go of things.

So what do you do if all you've ever been used to is depression?

I've always had a level of empathy for other people but only knew how to use it to get some form of recognition and feel some measure of self-worth and less shame. However with a new sense of identity, there was a new desire to help people and pay forward everything I'd learned from this journey. The only challenge was I had absolutely no idea what that looked like.

Becoming a Mental Health First Aider in March of this year was a huge step, giving me a new level of confidence with feeling equal to my peers whilst facing those demons that have held me back for so long. The NLP stuff happened by accident really, and I have my wife to thank for it. Erica just happened to get notified about a free 2 day NLP Foundation training course and suggested it might be of interest. Funny how things work out sometimes.

If you've never been that fussed about reading or learning new things, can you imagine what it would feel like if you could?

What doors would open up ahead of you just by making subtle changes to those daily routines that we stick to because its easy and comfortable. If you've previously learnt a specific behaviour to get through life that negatively impacts you, could you unlearn that behaviour and learn a new one that benefits you? Yes absolutely.

Here's the kicker though, do you really want to break free and become that person you were meant to be? I hope you say yes.

This month I launched my new Breakthrough Coaching business, Prominent Coaching Ltd, and help others overcome these unhelpful thought patterns and mindsets that have continually played on loop for far too long now.

So how can I help you?

  • Remove Negative Emotions & Limiting Beliefs

  • Improve Confidence & Low Self Esteem​

  • Gain back your Loss of Identity

  • Remove Unhelpful Habits

  • Resolve Conflicts

Sometimes we think it's easier to just carry on with these unhelpful thoughts and may have fears of visiting old memories that caused us such sadness. Trust me I get it. But imagine what it would be without them....

I offer free 20min consultations and my rates are incredibly reasonable, so please get in touch.


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