Today I lost my best friend

We adopted Vegas just over 10 years ago from Cats Protection, to join his previously adopted sisters Nala & Simba. Vegas was supposed to be my wife’s cat as the other two sort of bonded with me, but to her annoyance Vegas and I soon became inseparable.

People often refer to dogs as mans best friend, but I can hand on my heart say that Vegas was utterly brilliant. Whenever I needed company or a cuddle, there he was. We’ve spent many an evening with him curled up on my chest whilst I game on the PlayStation, or watch a movie. And that was our thing. He wanted to feel secure and so did I.

Vegas was around when my mum passed away, along with other times when I desperately needed some love. He never turned me away. It was always unconditional and I loved him for that.

Today it feels like a piece of me has been stolen, never to be seen again. My best friend who needed me just as much as I needed him has gone. I feel broken, empty and lost.

Selfishly things aren't great right now with my CPTSD and Vegas has always been there for me. I guess this is normal and it will take time to get my head round things but it hurts more than I can put in to words right now.

Sleep tight little man and thank you xx


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