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What if the sun never shines again?

We must have the faith that it will.

Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD) can affect those who've experienced the following;

  • Childhood abuse, neglect or abandonment

  • Ongoing domestic violence or abuse

  • Repeatedly witnessing violence or abuse

  • Being forced or manipulated in to prostitution

  • Torture, kidnapping or slavery

  • Being a prisoner of war

Some of the symptoms include;

  • Difficulty controlling your emotions

  • Feeling very hostile or distrustful towards the world

  • Constant feelings of emptiness or hopelessness

  • Feeling as if you are completely different to other people

  • Feeling like nobody can understand what happened to you

  • Avoiding friendships and relationships, or finding them very difficult

  • Often experiencing dissociative symptoms such as depersonalisation or derealisation

  • Regular suicidal feelings


Did you know photography is a great mindfulness exercise?

In my spare time I dabble with the camera...


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